Nothing is really going on…

Suilad! It’s Kiki here! 

Like the title says nothing really going on with me. I’m just watching Harry Potter cause it’s on FreeForm to celebrate his birthday. We’re on The Prisoner of Azkaban. I actually really like that one so, that’s good🙂 

I’m also participating in CWWC hosted by Loren from Let’s be Lost and that’ll be posted on here. I don’t know what team I’m on yet. 

Lily got third place in the cutest pet contest! Maybe, I should host a contest like that. Comment down below what contest you’d like me to host and what’s going on with you!

 Well, that’s all I have for now,


6 thoughts on “Nothing is really going on…

  1. hamstermaniac12 says:

    Yeah nothing is going on here… I have such an interesting life, I know. 😆
    You should do a contest of the cutest hamster (no, just kidding, That’s too much like the cutest pet and I’m probably the only blogger you know of that even has a hamster, so I would be the immediate winner 😛 ) Umm what about the best doll photoshoot or something?

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