CWWC- Entry five

Hello, mellonanins! I’m back with yet another, CWWC entry!

Loren, I used these prompts:


I woke up: sweating, scared, confused. It’s just a dream, right? I’m not so sure.

In my dream, I saw an old man on a rock bridge across a shining lake. His long white hair, flowing in the wind and his arms outstretched. The mountains behind him were touching the clouds. The sun, beginning to set. He suddenly began talking. His deep voice was telling me, how he knew the day would come when darkness and evil would grow stronger. Just not this soon. How he should have destroyed this object years ago, which is what the enemy needs for world domination. But he is to old, now.

I then saw a young man partially naked, blindfolded and tied up. The old man then said this guy has rough past. He was forced to do stuff he knew was wrong. He hurt many people. So, now he guilts and doubts himself and lives alone and depressed. But, he is the only soul alive, that is aware where the object is located. And how the enemy will soon now that.

Then the old mans voice changes and says:

“And then there’s you. You will find the young man show him of his true potential and find the object before it falls into evil hands. Do the deed I should’ve have done. Make the world wholesome again. I know you’re ready”.

What do I do? I have no idea where this guy is. If he exists…

Well, I hope you enjoyed! Go team Shire! We are great writers! Don’t sell yourself short! Stay motivated it’ll pay off!


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