Photo DUMP!! *This is very overdue, Btw*

Hello Mellonanins! Today, I have for you my first photo dump. Cause, my uncle let me use his camera and then I got a camera for Hanukkah so, lots and lots of pictures! Expect to see: Lily, a Squirrel, Autumn leaves, Snow, POP!s, my Jedi trainingΒ  and that should be it (for nowπŸ˜„). Let’s get this par-tay startedπŸ˜‰


DSC_0400DSC_0389DSC_0451DSC_0447DSC_0429DSC_0419DSC_0418DSC_0421 I πŸ’™ this picture. I love the golden color of the leaves. It reminds me of potato chips πŸ˜„



DSC_0904It’s theΒ Abominable Snowman!!

DSC_0903I live in TX, in a part where it like rarely snows (I think it’s been since the 80s) so I was very surprised when it did and I had to take pics!

DSC_0902DSC_0898My front yard.

DSC_0896This photo just looks like it should be in some 40s Christmas movie πŸ˜„Just get rid of the modern vehicle in the back 😜

DSC_0883DSC_0882DSC_0881DSC_0880It’s me!

DSC_0877DSC_0875DSC_0869DSC_0867DSC_0865DSC_0858DSC_0849DSC_0848DSC_0839DSC_0870Love this pic!

DSC_0873And this one!


DSC_0693Luke Skywalker: Reach out.


DSC_0696DSC_0720Aww 😍



DSC_0615OH MY GOSH. This has to be the best pic I’ve ever taken of her! Her little teeth, the leaves *Dies over cuteness*



DSC_1070Oh, El’s so cute 😍This was one of my Hanukkah gifts πŸ˜‰

DSC_1066DSC_1040DSC_1035I actually got Mike as well, but I didn’t receive him yet when I took these pictures. They would’ve been even cuter with him πŸ˜‰

DSC_1026These are actually my brother’s πŸ™‚He got a Harry Potter three pack. I love these pictures! The lighting fits The prisoner of Azkabann so well.

DSC_1032DSC_1028DSC_1027I solemnly swear that I am up to no good πŸ˜„ This Hermione POP actually looks a lot like me πŸ˜‰

Well, I hope you had fun gazing. What was your favorite section of pics? Tell me in the comments down below!