About Kiki

Mae g’ovannen, mellon nin! I eneth nin Kiki! Here’s the English translation: Well met, my friend! My name is Kiki!

Anyway, welcome to my Writing and Photography blog! You probably know me from Kiki Through the Looking-Glass. I started this blog because I found interests in photography and writing through doll blogging and wanted to share them on a non-doll blog! I hope you enjoy yourself!

Some of my fandoms are:

The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit


                          Pirates of the Caribbean

Harry Potter

I love:

Blogging, graphic design, watching YouTube videos.


                                     Doing CWWC.

Playing, washing, photographing, and talking to my dog, Lily.



Playing Legos with my brother.



Making jewelry.

Comfortable and cute clothing.




img_9152 A Elf of Mirkwood.

A Pirate King.

  A Jedi Master.

Image result for luna lovegood                   A Ravenclaw

                                A reader.

                               A writer.

                                                An overthinker and a thinker in general.

  An INTP.

A wanderer.

A dreamer.

   A very competitive person.

And a Doll-collector.

My other blogs: Kiki Through the Looking-Glass and Three Girls and Randomness

Ps: Most of these images aren’t mine!

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