CWWC- Entry five

Hello, mellonanins! I’m back with yet another, CWWC entry!

Loren, I used these prompts:


I woke up: sweating, scared, confused. It’s just a dream, right? I’m not so sure.

In my dream, I saw an old man on a rock bridge across a shining lake. His long white hair, flowing in the wind and his arms outstretched. The mountains behind him were touching the clouds. The sun, beginning to set. He suddenly began talking. His deep voice was telling me, how he knew the day would come when darkness and evil would grow stronger. Just not this soon. How he should have destroyed this object years ago, which is what the enemy needs for world domination. But he is to old, now.

I then saw a young man partially naked, blindfolded and tied up. The old man then said this guy has rough past. He was forced to do stuff he knew was wrong. He hurt many people. So, now he guilts and doubts himself and lives alone and depressed. But, he is the only soul alive, that is aware where the object is located. And how the enemy will soon now that.

Then the old mans voice changes and says:

“And then there’s you. You will find the young man show him of his true potential and find the object before it falls into evil hands. Do the deed I should’ve have done. Make the world wholesome again. I know you’re ready”.

What do I do? I have no idea where this guy is. If he exists…

Well, I hope you enjoyed! Go team Shire! We are great writers! Don’t sell yourself short! Stay motivated it’ll pay off!


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Suilad, my fine viewers! It’s me, Kiki! So, today I will be showing you a Lily photo-shoot for a contest hosted by Brooke Jade! Let’s begin, shall we? 

So, have you died yet?!😜 But seriously; she’s so cute!😍 

Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed this post! Comment down below your favorite pic!🙂 


My short trip to Horseshoe bay! 

Hullo! It’s Kiki! I went on a short trip in the beginning of May cause my Dad had a meeting at this resort in Horseshoe bay. And we could come! Of course, I took tons of pictures but I lost some of them somehow😧 Anyway, let’s  begin!

The lobby. 

Our room.

They had a Starbucks!!

Me enjoying my vanilla bean creme! 

View from a window in the hotel. 

Checking out the property!

Going down to the yacht area.

That we went swimming in the hotel pool and Chance dove down to far and cut his chin. We thought he might needed stitches. 

The next morning we got up and went to breakfast without my Dad cause he had to go to the meeting. 

After breakfast we went to the Yacht pool and swam for hours. They had the most epic hot tub! I had a lot of fun! 


Gi suilon! It’s Kiki! Forget about the part in my last post that said the changing process will take awhile. Cause, guess what? I’m already done! I hope you like the colors, theme etc. I personally think it looks really good! I would’ve done Mirkwood or something Woodland realmish for the header image but I couldn’t find anything! So, the shire will have to do 😉

Anyway, check out my new pages and leave a comment down below if you like my new theme and what you’d like to see on here(post-wise I mean)!




Hey! This is definitely not Lily 😛 I think I’m going to change this blog. It’s been hard to post and lily’s life is boing! So, I’m not exactly changing it back to a life blog but I sorta am XD It’s going to be about: Aspergers, Starwars, Lotr and  Hobbit, Legos, etc. So, basically my life 😉 I don’t know what to call this blog yet and I won’t be changing the theme right away. Since I currently don’t know what to do. Anyway, say good bye to Lily and Hello to me again! And I plan to stay!


How to make: Hamster soup

It is I, your cutest blogger, Lily! Sorry, I haven’t been posting😔 I’m busy-sleeping,eating,walking etc. Anyway, Today you’re going to learn how to make my favorite meal: Hamster soup! DUN DUN DUN! Beware all you ignorant hamsters that humans call cute! Puppies are the cutest not hamsters! Once this post goes viral the hamster population will decrease(YAY!🎉) but I won’t be able to make this delicious soup(Boo😩). So, my alternative is mice. They’re kinda the same-sorta😜 They aren’t extinct now though so what are you waiting for? Let’s get on to the post!

First you need 2 cups of beef broth and 2 cups of chicken broth. Put them in a huge pot on low. Season the broth with some salt and pepper. 

If you don’t have any pet hamsters and don’t have any friends with hamsters go to your local pet store. You’ll need about 10. Young and old, wise and dumb, healthy and healthy😄 They say the ones with markings on their back are more flavorful😍 Skin them and take out the bones(optional) season their juicy meat with: garlic, pepper, Himalayan pink salt. Put them in a plastic baggie with some lemon juice and olive oil then stick them in the fridge. 

 Next, you’ll need carrots and celery-as much as you want. Just drop them in the broth till they get softer.

Finally, get out the hamster meat and put it in the broth. Let this simmer for about 30 minutes or so. When it’s done the veggies will be soft and the meat tender😍 Serve in your bowl or eat it out of the pot. 

I hope you enjoyed this soup recipe 😍 It’s delicious! Sorry, hamsters! 


Ps:This is Kiki and this is just a funny joke. The recipe is also not real. 


Hey, Guys! Kiki here. My brother got me a bedazzler a year ago for my birthday. Well my Mom told me to go through my stuff cause we are going to be moving(I know what your thinking. What a great time to tell us. You should of made a post about it. Don’t worry I’ll make a “official” post about it in a week or two 😉). So on to the story. I went to my toy box and went through stuff, and found my bedazzler. I just got some new jeans that needed sparkle, and color. So, last night I bedazzled my pants! So, here are some pics! 

Here’s the first pair. I used red, green, blue, pink, and just a metal stud. 

 Here’s a close up.

I also bedazzled the front pockets with the same colors. 
This is the other pair. I just used a clear stud, and I didn’t bedazzle the front pockets. What’s your favorite bedazzled jean? I like the first pair!😉 
Next I’m going to show you my Thanksgiving outfit, and the outfit I’m going to wear today. 

Here’s the outfit I’m wearing for Thanksgiving. The shirt is a thin long sleeve bearing the color of maroon with white stripes. The pants are a smokey gray corduroy. Then I’m going to wear this bluish-purple sweater over the maroon long sleeve. 
The shoes I’ll be wearing are these fringe ankle boots! 
And the outfit I’m wearing today is 

This star short sleeve with the first pair of bedazzled jeans, and converse. 
Over the star shirt I’ll be wearing this see through baseball style 3/4 sleeve. 

That is all for today’s post! I’ve been promising fashion for awhile so I hope you enjoy! 


Ps:Who else loves colorful socks?