Lily is taking over?

Hey Guys. It’s Kiki. I can’t talk much but yes Lily is taking over. She got upset that I don’t post much about her on here. So, she hacked it and changed the name and everything! I’m in the closet with the door locked. If Lily finds out she’ll be furious! Apparently it’s her blog now. What?!? Wait!!! Nooooo!!!!! Come back!!!! Lily!!!!!

Hello! Welcome my name is Lily. Don’t pay any attention to the that paragraph above. So, this is MY blog about life through my eyes. Kiki(my owner) just doesn’t get that. I hope you will. So, stayed tuned for my opinions on Baths, cats, moving, and everything else. If you’re loving this blog so far don’t be shy to comment and like!

Say Good bye to Kiki and Hello to Me(I’m better of course)!   



Hey! I’m Kiki! You probably know me from my other blog  This blog will be about my life, and everything I enjoy(except Dolls ). I’ve been wanting to make a personal blog for awhile, so here it is! Enjoy! This blog is under construction so the theme and fonts will be changed from time to time 🙂