Day 3- Pictures of My Trip!

Hey, Viewers! I’m here today to show you what I did on Day 3! Let’s begin!

My Aunt & Uncle rented a boat.

img_3951Here’s what it looks like!

img_3943You pull up the seats to get lifejackets, or if you want to see nasty cockroaches!

img_3939img_3940img_3941img_3944img_3942                                 img_3945

Here’s me with my sweet tea(they ran out of water), and my life jacket!


img_3952Here’s me with my brother(Chance )!

img_3950I saw some geese! I ❤ this picture! Day 2 is on 3 Girls & Randomness and Day we arrived is on Kiki Through the Looking-Glass


Some of my favorite libros!- Part1

Hey, Guys! I know it’s been awhile, so I thought I’d make a post! So, let’s begin!

(None of these images belong to me. Credit to whoever owns them)

1: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

Image result for The wonderful of Oz

2: Saffy’s Angel

Image result for Saffy's Angel

3: Where the Mountain meets the Moon

Image result for Where the mountain meets the moon

4: Alice through the Looking-Glass

Image result for Alice through the looking glass book

5: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Image result for Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Have you ever read any of these books? If you have not I really recommend them! 🙂 I hope enjoyed this post! Till next time! 😉



Little Lils playin with Rey the Rabbit!

Hey guys! Today I’ll show some picture of Lily playing with her favorite toy Rey the Rabbit(or Bun bun😋). Here they are!





This is the end of Lily pictures 😦   What would you like to see on this blog? Fashion? Books? Stuffed animals? More nature, and Lily? Legos?  Comment down below!


Attack of the Thorny Spider!


Hello! A couple days ago I saw this spider that looked like it has shield on. So I decided to take pictures to show you! Here they are!

imageimageHere he is on his web. Look at those thorns!

imageimage I ❤ this picture!

imageimageHave you ever seen a spider like this? I haven’t but now I see them everywhere even in white! That’s the post today. Till next time! 😉



Lily’s wears Glasses?!?!

Hey! Yes, more Lily pictures! She’s just sooo CUTE! Here are the pictures!

imageHAHAHA! 🙂

imageUgh. She just wouldn’t stop moving!

imageHere’s a better one. Look at her little teeth! 🙂

imageAlways licking! That’s how she got her nickname Little Licking Lily.  Soon I will post my stuffed animals, favorite books, fashion, and some other stuff(including Lily :P). Post ya soon! BBBBYYYEE!    -KIKI-



My Trip Pictures!

Hello! I went to my Aunt and Uncle’s house Friday, and came back home today! So, While I was in the truck I took some pictures!

imageMy little dog Lily love trips! She always puts her little paws on the running board! AWWW!

imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageI hope you enjoyed these beautiful pictures! Which one is your favorite? 


My first Little Lily Drawing!

Hello! I know I haven’t posted in awhile. Well, my Aunt’s birthday is soon so, I decided to make her a card. She loves our dog Lily so much, so Lily was the perfect to draw! This was my first time drawing her.  I thought it turned out pretty well! First I’ll show you my dog Lily then my drawing!

imageHere’s Little Lily! AWWWW!

imageHere’s my drawing!

imageHere’s a close up on her face! How do you like my drawing? Tell me below in the comments! Ps: I started this drawing last night and finished right now.



I think I’m done!

Hello, Viewers! I’m pretty sure I’m done with changing my fonts, and colors! I just added a logo! I think it looks AMAZING! What would you like to see on this blog? My favorite books? My stuffed animals? Tell me in the comments! Good day!